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Solution House is a group of like-minded, experienced business and technical individuals with solid experience in ICT, risk mitigation and security technology, software development and system management. 

We excel where others fail by providing holistic solutions through a structured approach of business and system analysis, design and project management.

We are based in the Western Cape, South Africa with customers through-out South Africa, Africa and the UK. Solution House was established in 2009 and continue to deliver innovative and market leading solution to this day.


Solution House consist of two entities namely Technology Solution House and Solution House Software. 

Combined these entities address all technology layers with predominant focus on converged physical security and device integration and incident and business activity management software.

What we do


Technology Solution House provides physical security solutions, device integration and the underlying enabling technologies which support them.

Solution House Software provides innovative, cloud-based incident and business activity software solutions and related smart phone applications.

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