Technology You Can Control

We focus on enabling business through technology.  Solution House consist of two entities namely Technology Solution House and Solution House Software. 

Combined these entities address all technology layers with predominant focus on converged physical security and device integration, incident and business activity management software and bespoke software development. 

We have 3 main business areas

Converged Technology



Incident Desk COVID-19 app login screen.

Converged Technology


Integrated IP CCTV

IP Access control

IP Enabled devices

Small format commercial and residential security radar


Fibre networks

Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks

Solution House is a certified RUCKUS installer

Solution Design

Incident Desk can be configured as a fully cloud-based managed service or installed on-site as a stand-alone in-house solution.

Technology Management

Consolidated Technology management

Incident Desk Software

Cost effective

Incident Desk offers competitive installation costs and maintenance fees.

Wherever you go

Monitor every aspect of your facility/city from a desktop, via the web or through the app


The system is built to adapt as your requirements change. You can add what you need (e.g. a new service supplier or category) as you go – without requiring advanced technical skills or additional money.

Software Development


Large scale cloud systems

Smart Phone apps

Native smart phone apps

Service management apps

GPS location and tracking apps


System integration and optimization

Converged Technology

We provide physical security solutions, device integration, ICT support services and the underlying enabling technologies which support them.

Incident Desk Software

We provide our own innovative, cloud-based incident and business activity software solutions and related smart phone applications.


We offer bespoke software development,  smart phone app development and system integration

All in 1 Solution