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Technology You Can Control

Incident Desk captures, categorises, routes, tracks and manages incidents and service requests to resolution – quickly, accurately and simply

Solution House identified a need in the Security and Building & Facilities industries for an easy, light and flexible incident management solution. Incident Desk was conceived and Easy, Light and Flexible remain our design and development approach to this day.
To accommodate our growing customer base and ever expanding intellectual property assets Solution House Software as established in 2013.
Solution House Software provides innovative, cloud-based incident and business activity management software solutions. These solutions can either be private (for the customer’s own specific use) or industry specific shared-services.
Incident Desk can be customised to specific needs in a number of different environments – ranging from facilities, asset and mixed-use management to matters of public safety and security.
With clear concepts, easy-to-use functions, multiple communication options, activity tracking maps and fast performance, Incident Desk helps managers coordinate, collate and oversee their businesses with greater efficiency, transparency, compliance and cost control.

How Incident Desk Works in 3 Easy Steps

Fast Performance

Incident Desk sources incidents and service requests from numerous sources such as call centre operators, our own smart phone apps, third party smart phone apps, SMS, GPS location-based SMS, email and other devices.

Online Support

Depending on what is logged and the origin or GPS location of the incident, Incident Desk will automatically route the service request to an entity, department or person

Top Security

The system receives, responds, manages and reports on incidents and service requests

All in 1 Solution



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